About us

After moving from Wellesley, Massachusetts and leaving behind some of my favorite shops, I decided to stop pining over what I couldn’t find, and create the boutique I was looking for! One of my favorite things is discovering new designers and selecting beautiful, unique items for the shop. I think you’ll love exploring the collection of jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, and so much more, as much as I’ve loved putting it together!

A few things I believe in with all my heart are,

  • Working with and supporting women as we make an impact in business and in our communities,
  • Supporting American workers and artists,
  • Supporting workers around the world by not doing business with any organizations that engage in unsafe or unfair labor practices,
  • Recycle! Reuse! Repurpose!

I am committed to creating a successful business that will have a positive impact on the environment, the community, our employees, and of course our customers. I know we can do it, because I believe, when it comes down to it, these are values we all share.